Susanne Vathke | Facts


1995-present Trainer and coach in the retail industry
Focus: Leadership training
2000-2004 Trainer in collaboration with the SHT (Schwäbisch Hall Training)Change in the financial services industry
Main topics: Customer orientation, team development and sales
1995-1997 Trainer in cooperation with wk Consulting ServicesThe tools of a coach – an unforgettable first training experience with meat and cheese sellers
Main topics: Customer orientation, communication and leadership
1985-1994 Independent retailerFrom the theory of studies into practical life:
Learning about sales, leading staff to be economically successful

Training and education (selection)

January 2013 Personality Model Licensing by persolog GmbH
(Behavioral dimensions D.I.S.G)
2011-present Provocative Therapy, Frank Farrelly, German Institute for Provocative Therapy, Munich
2010-2011 Logotherapeutic Relationship Counseling, Institute of Logotherapy, Tübingen and Vienna
2010 Inspiration Coach, Academy of Awareness, Augsburg
2006-2011 Logotherapy at the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Tübingen and Vienna
2006 LIFO licensing, LPC LIFO Products & Consulting, Munich
2004-2005 Advanced training in Systemic Coaching, Professor E. König
WIBK Research Institute for Consultation and Communication, Paderborn
2003-2004 Systemic Consulting, Professor E. König,
WIBK Research Institute for Consultation and Communication, Paderborn
2003-2004 Extensive training in personal and organizational development:
Gestalt pedagogy, theater education, NLP, profile coach, Manager of Business Entertainment with Emil Herzog
1977-1984 Teacher training in secondary education for German and history,
Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf

dvct certified as a trainer and coach (German Association for Training and Coaching)

Member of the German Society for Logotherapy

Forum Werteorientierung