Susanne Vathke

Susanne Vathke| Personal

I have been a trainer and coach for retail companies, their employees and managers for 20 years.

In the course of more than 2,000 training days, I’ve made it possible for trainees to see what stands behind change and development. I provide the skills and knowledge for value-oriented leadership and trade.

My point of view

Successful leadership is meaning-oriented. People want to know why they are doing a task and what they are achieving. It is the task of leaders to answer these questions with their teams. If a group provides good and efficient service, this produces benefits that contribute to what the company stands for. Meaning and purpose appear congruent. This motivates people, and they become proud of their work.

Organizations have a purpose to fulfill. People want to know that there is a consistent connection between what they do as individuals, what they do as teams, and how they do those tasks. Is a task for them, for their country, or for the world? Effective leadership that focuses on results provides answers to these questions.

My task

I help to make change friendly. This means that change becomes understood. The information satisfies basic needs such as the desire for orientation, connection, recognition or enjoyment. Understanding creates space for the desired development — and for the necessary commitment.

I strive to strengthen the freedom of my clients and participants. I support them in their useful activities by identifying and using their hidden relationships, the freedom to make decisions, and their creative spaces. All of this allows them to push the envelope and get the most from what life offers them.