Meaning – Values – Trade

Leadership is a Fine Art

Behind the art of leadership stand knowledge, intuition and inner conviction. Only those with their own conviction can convince others. This inner attitude has the strongest influence on employees, colleagues and customers. It is what can inspire people the most – and it is the direct expression of your corporate culture.

A particularly strong inner attitude has considerable impact on business, as customers quickly respond to the values of the company. Where customers take their business is a decision based on what the company and its employees represent. If everyone lives according to the same values, the company’s long-term success is secured.

Everyone knows how quickly subconscious blocks creep in, forming crusts that have a permanent effect on the company’s image and power. Management has a daily task to consider how they can alter their perspective and keep an eye on the complex relationships between the elements of the business. Good leadership requires meaning, clarity, and a sense of the bigger picture. The appropriate orientation helps to deliver your company’s values. I will accompany your managers to ensure that they live in your corporate culture.

Susanne Vathke
Coach and Trainer for Value-Oriented Leadership in Retail